Former Miss England Georgia Jones praised for sharing photo hours after giving birth of post-pregnancy body


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‘My body pushed that little person out!’


Former Miss England Georgia Jones has been praised for sharing a photo of her post-pregnancy body taken a mere few hours after giving birth to her son.

Georgia, who is married to McFly guitarist and vocalist Danny Jones, gave birth to a baby boy on January 27.

As any new mother who has just given birth will know, after nine months of carrying a tiny human inside of you your body is not going to instantly spring back to its original state.

A few days ago, Georgia posted a photo on Instagram that was taken in the hospital shortly after giving birth.

She accompanied the photo with a caption explaining the realities of a post-pregnancy body.

“This was me a few hours after baby Cooper was born… greasy hair, prickly legs, very sore bits, big pants and one very empty wobbly tum…” she wrote.

“But I wouldn’t change a thing.”

She continued, admitting that although she does miss her pre-pregnancy body and has plans to train when she’s recovered, she’s extremely proud of what her body has accomplished.

“But do u [sic] know what… if things are never quite the same again then I’m cool with that,” she said.

“My body pushed that little person out!! Well done body, I’m super proud of you.”

She also added how she’s already embracing the chaos of motherhood, writing: “And yup, I posted this during a 2.30am feed, with one eye open and milky boobs. Multitasking at its finest!!”

Georgia’s post currently has over 30,000 likes, with many people commenting on how inspirational they’ve found her honesty.

“You’re beautiful. I love this so much because this is real life for us mums,” one person wrote.

Another person commented: “Love this post. Refreshing to have someone in the spotlight show the reality of women after childbirth.

“Fed up of women in the spotlight back to their post baby bodies two months after giving birth.”

Georgia previously represented England in the Miss World 2007 pageant after winning the Miss England title in the same year.

Before competing in the Miss World pageant, the model made headlines when it was revealed that she had been told by Miss England director Angie Beasley to put on weight.


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