Singapore's milestones in pictures


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This island city-state celebrates its 52nd birthday in two days on Aug 9. As we commemorate Singapore's independence in 1965, The Straits Times digs into its visual archives to look back at some of the nation's milestones. Do you know where Singapore's first escalator was located? Or the first public swimming pool? Can you recall what a spectacle the first Chingay was? Walk down memory lane with us as we remember some moments that made Singapore what it is today.

Miss Universe contestants posing for a film shoot at Sentosa’s musical fountain on May 4, 1987. That was the year Singapore hosted the international beauty pageant, which was televised to at least 600 million viewers in 56 countries. Miss Chile Cecilia Bolocco clinched the crown and Miss Singapore Marion Nicole Teo was placed among the 10 semi-finalists.ST PHOTO: H.L. CHAN

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