Catriona Gray to focus on music career after Miss World PH reign


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Catriona talks about the photo of her hugging the Philippine flag and whether she will try another pageant in the future

Alexa Villano - @alexavillano - Published 9:53 PM, July 10, 2017

MUSIC CAREER. Miss World Philippines 2016 Catriona Gray says she is looking forward to focusing on her music after her reign. Screengrab from Instagram/@catriona_gray

MANILA, Philippines – After emerging as 3rd runner-up in Miss World in the US in December 2016, Miss World Philippines 2016 Catriona Gray has been devoting her time to her charity, as well as doing singing engagements abroad and in the Philippines.

In an interview with Rappler at the Miss World Philippines press conference on July 7, Catriona said that she will pursue music again once she crowns her successor in September.

"[I'll be ]getting back into my music again because during the pageant, I really kind of didn’t put a lot of time into that. So I want to rediscover my passion for music and pursue that again. And yeah, other artistic endeavours because I am a very creative person and that’s where I am happiest," she said.

She also mentioned she will resume her modeling career as she missed the industry.

As to whether she will join a beauty pageant again in the future, as her fans are clamoring for her to try Binibining Pilipinas next year, Gray responded, "I’m keeping my mind open to it but there’s no plans yet."

After the Miss World competition where Puerto Rico's Stephanie del Valle won, a photo of Catriona hugging the Philippine flag went viral. Asked about the photo, Catriona said that she cried because of the support from the Filipino community that was present to watch her.

"Well actually, that was after the announcement of the final song. So we had finished the show pretty much. The broadcast has gone off. And we had such as turn of Filipino support at that venue. And all the fans just came to the front of me. And they were just telling me ‘Cat you made us so proud, we’re so proud of you…and I was just brought to tears because of their support.

"So that’s what really made me cry is the outpouring of love that they gave me and I was just you know, I also felt disappointed I couldn’t give the crown to them. Because it hadn’t sunk in for myself yet. But I could just process what’s in front of me and in front of me were these Filipinos, the outpouring of the love and I was just in tears," she said.

Catriona continues to be busy with her charity projects. During the Miss World Philippines press conference, Catriona announced the school she's been raising funds for in Tondo Manila has opened in time for the school year.

She has been active with her charity, the Paraiso Bright Beginnings Project, where she partnered with groups such as Young Focus and Fire Tree Asia.

Catriona said that it was fulfilling to her to help fix the school since she saw its conditions from the start.

"If you could have seen the building before, it’s a run down set of apartments…dust everywhere and it was in no state. So for the time it took it was about a year in a half because all the plumbing, all the electricals had to be refurnished and everything had to be like cleaned and done again. So it’s very fulfilling to see the transformation of the building its gone through. It’s just incredible," she said.

During her speech at the press conference, Catriona said that she's looking forward to the charity work the organization will be involved because for her, the title of Miss World Philippines is not only about the title and the crown, but also a platform to help the less fortunate.

Asked what she wants from her successor, Catriona said she wants a person who has substance and purpose.

"I want a queen with substance and purpose. If you don’t have substance and purpose, what a pity. Because we owe it to our generation to do more something than just being a pretty face with a crown on our head. We have so many images of people who successful, but I would want someone that young girls who can really look up to be like ‘wow, she’s beautiful, she has talent, but yet she makes herself help others who are less fortunate.' Rather than it all about being the endorsements, photo shoots, whatever. That’s what gives a quality to a queen for me."

The Miss World Philippines competition will happen on September 3. –

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