Czech Miss 2017 Final Gala Evening in Brno


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Michaela Pa August 25, 2017[

Brno will host the final gala evening of the Czech Miss 2017 beauty pageant. Photo:

Brno, August 25 (BD) – The impressive final show of the biggest beauty pageant in the Czech Republic – Czech Miss 2017 (Czech: Česká Miss) – will be held at the DRFG Arena in Brno, where one of the 12 fabulous finalist will be chosen as the most beautiful female in the country.

On Wednesday, Mayor Petr Vokřál welcomed the finalists at Brno New Town Hall. “The Czech Miss 2017 competition will present beautiful, talented girls who can change the world in the future. That’s the reason I am very pleased that this event will take place in Brno, ” he said.

Czech Miss is a national beauty contest whose winners represent the Czech Republic at Miss Universe, Miss Earth and Miss Supranational competitions.

The first international pageant winner of Czech Miss was Tereza Fajksová, crowned the Miss Earth 2012.

The event will take place on September 23, 2017. Tickets are available here.

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