Fil-Am artist JEFRË conceptualizes crown, judges America's Miss World 2017


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Thursday, August 17, 2017

ORLANDO, FLORIDA – Filipino-American artist JEFRË was commissioned to design the crown for America’s Miss World 2017. In addition, the artist also judged the preliminary and final rounds of the pageant, which saw Florida’s very own Clarissa Bowers take home the newly designed crown and the distinction as America’s Miss World 2017. “Even though there was a lot of pressure, it was an honor to make one girl’s dream come true”, shares JEFRË.

“I was surprised it was Clarissa’s first pageant, but she was very poised, humorous, natural, and authentic. She will represent America proud!” The 66th Annual America’s Miss World was held at the Linda Chaplin Theatre in Orlando, Florida and showcased twenty-eight lucky hopefuls. Taking inspiration from the pageant’s motto, “Beauty with a Purpose”, JEFRË conceptualized the crown to mimic Gore Strips, which are triangular paper segments used to create world globes.

“I’ve always had an interest in maps and globes, how they are deconstructed and created. The Gore Strips have a point at the top and bottom that when placed on a sphere, forms the north and south poles," JEFRË elaborates. “When completed and assembled, the Gore Strips have true perspective and creates the image of the world as one.” Along with Prerna Nanda of Elementz by Prerna, JEFRË’s design was brought to life using • 2,367 diamonds and white sapphires • 97 pieces of hyro blue sapphires • 382 grams of silver and white gold.

“Seeing the concept come to fruition by a renowned jewellery designer and then placed on the American winner to represent Miss World was both inspiring and an honor!”, JEFRË adds. “The shape that JEFRË created is powerful because it represents so many different parts of the world: unique yet united. This crown is a reminder to our titleholder, organization, and anyone who looks at the design that she is a representation of the world as a whole and all who inhabit it”, said Elizabeth Safrit, co-national director of Miss World in the United States.


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