Gov’t to push PH pageants to attract more tourists


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By admin - August 17, 2017017

By Robert Requintina

An official of the Department of Tourism said Tuesday the government will promote heavily beauty contests in order to attract more tourists here as he lauded organizers of local beauty pageants.

“The Department of Tourism is promoting heavily the beauty of tourism and the beauty of the Filipina,” said DoT Assistant Secretary Frederick Alegre at the launch of Miss Philippines 2017 beauty pageant held at a hotel in Quezon City.

“We want to make sure that this kind of pageant would be able to promote the country to the world as the country which loves beauty pageants. We are a country with beautiful women and beautiful men as well. We know that the pageant of Miss Philippines will add to the appreciation of the Philippines by the whole world,” said Alegre.

Miss Philippines Foundation, Inc. president Francisco Z. Blanco Jr. and Executive Director Hja. Hanina O. Alrefai led the launch of the national pageant which aims to promote the country’s cultural heritage, Filipino values, diversity and remarkable Filipino destinations.

Alegre added: “We are continuing to promote the theme ‘It’s More Fun in the Philippines.’ But under Wanda Teo, we want to put more spirit about the true and warm hospitality of the Filipino people.”

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