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Miss Alabama Jessica Procter wins the Jean Bartel Quality of Life Award for her work with the West Alabama Food Bank to help feed the hungry at the Miss America Pageant on Sunday. Photo courtesy of Jessica Procter Facebook

Friends, family, and members of the Miss Leeds Area Committee were present to support Jessica Procter during the Miss America pageant. Photo courtesy of Tina Marie Price.

We could not have been more proud of our Miss Alabama Jessica Procter than seeing her on the Miss America Pageant stage Sunday evening for the final competition ranking in the Top 7. In our eyes, she was the most dazzling, beautiful girl up on that stage and we knew in our hearts that she was definitely one of the most kind-hearted, Christian girls among the Miss America contestants this year.

Jessica puts her heart and soul into everything she does with such beauty, grace and consideration for others. Jessica’s philosophy is to always leave people better than she found them. It was no surprise that this beautiful Alabamian brought home the Jean Bartel Quality of Life Award for the most outstanding community service along with the $6,000 scholarship that went with it. Jessica’s platform, “Step Up to the Plate: Decreasing Food Insecurities,” has inspired her to work tirelessly with the West Alabama Food Bank to help feed the hungry. With this platform, Jessica was named in the top seven finalists early in the competition and went on to win as the sixth Miss Alabama to win this prestigious award. This platform also enabled her to win the Catherine Crosby Long Award for community service when she competed for the Miss Alabama crown earlier this year.

During the two weeks in Atlantic City with the long competition and elimination process, Jessica enjoyed and savored every moment of living her dream of becoming the next Miss America. It was so much fun for all of us to watch her from afar through social media and cheer her on through every single event along with the Miss Leeds Area Committee and other fans who were there in person.

On Tuesday, Jessica participated in a private 10 minute interview with the judges which accounted for 25% of her total of preliminary score.

Wednesday was the first night of the preliminary where Jessica performed her talent, singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” With Jessica’s beautiful voice and wonderful stage presence, the audience continued to cheer her on. Talent accounted for 35% of her total score.

On Thursday, the second night of the preliminary, Jessica won the Miss America Jean Bartel Quality of Life Award with the $6,000 scholarship. Questions were taken from contestant’s platforms and Jessica competed in the On Stage Question that resulted in 5 percent of her total score.

Friday was the third night of preliminary and Jessica participated in Lifestyle and Fitness Swimwear which was 15 percent of her total score.

The final night of competition composite score carried over from the preliminary (25 percent of score) and Top 15 were named. Jessica made the cut and competed in Lifestyle and Fitness Swimwear (10% of score). Three girls were eliminated in the Top 12 and Jessica competed in Evening Gown (15% of score). Jessica then made the Top 10 and competed in Talent (30 percent of score). After talent, three more contestants were eliminated leaving Jessica in the Top 7 of the final competition for the Miss America crown.

For the first time in Miss America history, the on-stage question consisted of two questions. The first question was fun to show the girls personality and quick wit. When one of the judges asked if Chris Harrison, who was standing next to her, offered her the chance to be the next Bachelorette would she take it, Jessica declined.

She said, ”All right, Chris, don’t be offended, but I don’t think so. I love watching the show…” Mr. Harrison laughed and responded, “As long as you’re watching…”

Jessica was one of two contestants that were eliminated next before the second more serious question, which was current and political. We were all right there with Jessica on the edge of our seats and our hearts just sank as she was eliminated just prior to the second question; although, we were happy for Briana Kinsey, Miss District of Columbia and a former Miss Leeds Area girl, who made the final cut and went on to be chosen as 3rd Alternate to Miss America.

This put two Alabama and Miss Leeds Area girls in the Top 7 in this year’s Miss America competition. This was definitely a first for Leeds, Alabama, to have two different Miss Leeds Area girls competing in the same Miss America pageant. Second Alternate went to Miss New Jersey Kaitlyn Schoeffel, First Runner Up was Miss Missouri Jennifer Davis. Miss North Dakota, Cara Mund, was crowned Miss America 2018.

All throughout Sunday night’s event, everyone was encouraged to donate to the Red Cross on behalf of Hurricane Harvey and Irma storm victims while Irma worked its way through south Florida.

Monday, Jessica posted this message on the Miss Alabama Jessica Procter Facebook page: “…Still in complete shock and disbelief that last night actually happened. First, I have to say thank you so much to every single person who's reached out to me and congratulated me - I'm still trying to get back to you all but know that your sweet words mean the world to me!”

Jessica spoke of how proud she was to sing in front of millions on television, as well as the judges and those in the audience, and being named in the Top 7 finalists for Miss America.

“The 50 girls that I now call lifelong friends have changed me for the better, and this incredible organization has rewarded me, molded me, and grown me more than I can even say - not to mention I am going home with over $14,000 in scholarship money,” Jessica continued.

Jessica was definitely a class act all during her journey to this point and Alabama is definitely proud to call her Miss Alabama. She is representing our state well this year!



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