Miss Florida Director Todd Chrisley Responds to Genesis Davila Being Crowned a Year After Dethroning



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By Us Weekly Staff December 19, 2017

Todd Chrisley and Genesis Davila. Noel Vasquez/Getty Images; Courtesy Genesis Davila/Instagram

Second time’s the charm! Génesis Dávila won the 2018 Miss Florida competition on Sunday, December 17, one year after being stripped of her crown. In an exclusive statement to Us Weekly, pageant director Todd Chrisley responded to the Puerto Rican native’s big victory.

“I’m proud to live in a country that believes in second chances and that I serve a God that is always uplifting and pushing us forward,” the 48-year-old tells Us. “Génesis won her title fairly and we are blessed to be a part of of her second chance since her first was stolen from her.”

Dávila, 25, is equally thrilled about the news. “God you have design my journey. What can I say ?? I am blessed. What a rollercoaster! But I always had hope and faith. Thank you for changing my heart and healing it,” she wrote on Instagram on Sunday. “A bit over a year ago I had a dream. That dream was interrupted, but today, I can continue it as @missflusa 2018 Thanks to the new Miss Florida USA Organization for allowing me to keep dreaming, and to the panel of judges who gave me their vote of confidence, thank you for granting me with the honor of becoming the ambassador of the dreams and hopes of the Sunshine State.” 

As previously reported, the model filed a $15 million lawsuit against the organization in August 2016 for “causing [her] humiliation and embarrassment” after then-director Grant Gravitt claimed she violated the rules by hiring her own personal hair and makeup artists. Dávila said in the suit that Gravitt posted a photo on Instagram of her having her makeup done and he alleged that it was taken the day of the July 16 pageant. However, she claimed that Gravitt cropped the image to remove the July 9 date when the photo shoot actually took place.

The Miami Herald reported in April that the lawsuit was dismissed in October 2016 and the terms were confidential.



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