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Miss Kentucky 2017 Molly Matney visited 120 WFKN Franklin/Franklin Favorite studio as a guest on "The Morning Show Madness" with Brian Davis radio show.

Posted: Thursday, August 17, 2017 12:00 am


Molly Matney, a 20-year-old junior at Western Kentucky University, was crowned Miss Kentucky 2017 in Lexington at the Singletary Center for the Arts on July 1.
She is the daughter of Avery and Rhonda Matney, from Center, Kentucky in Metcalfe County, and is the first titleholder from the southcentral Kentucky area since Ann-Blair Thornton, from Bowling Green, won the title in 2011. She was crowned Miss Mammoth Cave Area in a preliminary pageant before being crowned Miss Kentucky as she competed against 30 contestants across the state.

Matney gave her first radio interview as Miss Kentucky on the "Morning Show Madness with Brian Davis" at 1220 WFKN Franklin, and she said she is excited about achieving her dream.

"This was my second attempt at this. Last year, I finished in the top 10 and this year, pigs must have fell out of the sky because I won," Matney said. "My dad was the most excited when it was announced I had won as they were placing the crown on my head. I'm looking up and seeing this bald man waving his arms at me and I could tell it was him even though I didn't have my contacts in. He has been on cloud nine and he is so happy."
Matney's platform issue is "Farm Fit," a program that encourages consumers to develop their bodies to be stronger and healthier by purchasing and consuming products found in their local farmers markets.

As Miss Kentucky, Matney serves as the spokesperson for the Kentucky Department of Agriculture's "Kentucky Proud" program, which encourages consumers to purchase homegrown products from Kentucky and to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. She delivers this message to all age groups in schools throughout the commonwealth.
Matney will represent the state of Kentucky at the 2017 Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City. She is getting ready for the pageant and will leave Aug. 29. The finale of her adventure will be televised on Sunday, Sept. 10 on ABC.

"I just want to represent Kentucky and make them all proud of me. I want to do the absolute best that I possibly can so hitting the gym, working with a vocal coach, interview prep, eating right and getting my mind in the proper place are all so important," Matney said. "There are super fun things about preparations like choosing your wardrobe, and then there are serious things like forming your opinions on topics for questions. I have a great support system with my parents, my community and my board of directors at Miss Kentucky. It's such a once in a lifetime experience that I know I will never forget."


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