Netizens Notice Something On Miss Intercontinental PH Katarina Rodriguez’s Appeal For Votes


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by JEEL MONDE on JANUARY 13, 2018

The netizens noticed something Miss Intercontinental PH Katarina Rodriguez’s statement.

MISS INTERCONTINENTAL 2017 – The netizens have noticed something lacking in the statement of Miss Intercontinental PH Katarina Rodriguez as she appeals for votes.

According to a previous report, the country’s candidate for the international pageant Miss Intercontinental 2017 is Katarina Rodriguez.

In this particular pageant, the women coming from all continents are gathered together to compete against each other to get the prestigious entitlement and crown.

She is roughly in the first spot of the online voting as based on the site The Great Pageant Community.

It has also been indicated on the site the “the winning the People’s Choice Poll on The Great Pageant Community (TGPC) by receiving the maximum votes will get a Direct Entry in the finale as a semi-finalist and a title of ‘TGPC People’s Choice’ winner.”

The voting poll will be closed on 21st Midnight (as per Indian Standard Time) and there are no limits in terms of voting of your favorite contestant.

And as she is neck and neck for the top spot in the voting, she once again appeals on her Instagram account for the support and vote of the people.

She stated in a post, “PHILIPPINES! I need your help in securing a spot for the top 6 for @missintercontinentalorg The link in my bio will lead you to where you can vote for me, Miss Philippines, AND it’s unlimited voting. Right now we are second and remember the votes from the first round still count so we need to double up on voting! I know na kaya toh! Let’s do this!”

However, one netizen has noticed that the statement lacks something as she indicated in the comment of a certain site, “”Please.” and
“Thank you.”

This was then agreed by another netizen.

Check out the comments below:

Photo grabbed on Fashion Pulis

Photo grabbed on Fashion Pulis

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