Nurse joins pageant to address poverty


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September 27, 2017The NationalMain Stories


A NURSE has joined the Miss Pacific Islands PNG Pageant so that she can address issues she sees in her work.
Miss International Training Institute Sheilla Yama, 25, is a nurse at the Port Moresby General Hospital. She is currently the PNG World Supermodel.
She was named Miss ITI at the Badili campus in Port Moresby yesterday. She said working as a nurse had made her realise the high rate of poverty in the country.
“Working in the hospital, I have seen a lot of struggling people. So I think being a part of this pageant, I can be a mouthpiece to educate people,” Yama said.
“I believe that because of poverty, there is poor housing, inadequate water for cooking and drinking and overcrowding in settlements which is leading to the spread of preventable diseases such as TB.”
Yama said education was the best way to address these issues.
“When you educate a women, you educate a family and when you educate a family you educate the whole nation,” she said.
“I believe that education is something that we need, to change our country.
“I was privileged enough to have come this far.”


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