Olivia Rogers has party with Hollywood mega stars after missing Miss Universe title



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Antimo Iannella, Adelaide Confidential, The Advertiser

December 7, 2017 8:50am

MISS Universe glory eluded Adelaide’s Olivia Rogers but she’s returned home with memories that will last a lifetime – and not all of them beauty pageant related.

Olivia, 25, spent her last night in the US partying with Hollywood megastars Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire after meeting at a nightclub in Los Angeles.

“I was with this promoter and a couple of friends . . . and we were dancing and then he taps me on the shoulder and says, ‘I want you to meet my friend, Leo’. And it was Leonardo DiCaprio, my heart nearly stopped,” she laughs. “He shook my hand and said, ‘Such a pleasure to meet you’. It was so weird, I was trying to play it cool but I was very excited.”

Recently single, Olivia also met Leo’s good friend, Spiderman star Tobey, who she nicknamed ‘Spidey’ for the night.

Once the club closed, Olivia and about 15 other people – many of whom were models – were invited back to Leo’s lavish Hollywood Hills mansion for the after-party.

“He has a beautiful view of LA, incredible art on every inch of the walls. It was like stepping on to a movie set,” she says, adding there was lots of security and photos weren’t allowed.

“It wasn’t a raging party though and they were complete gentlemen . . . then at about 4am we all went home.”

Olivia’s now back in Australia after competing at the international beauty pageant in Las Vegas, where she missed out on the competition’s top 16. While admitting “disappointment” at the result, she says she loved the whole experience.

“You just don’t know what the judges want, you have no idea,” she says.

“But I have no regrets, it just wasn’t meant to be. There’s some awesome opportunities in Australia and I’m really happy to be back.”



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