“People stereotypes beauty pageants”



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February 06, 2018

Former Miss England winner Carina Tyrrell in her recent interview stated that,"People stereotypes beauty pageants," but it actually empowers women to grow in confidence.

Campaigners are recently targeting modeling contests such as Miss England. They claim they are “sexist” and “demean” those taking part. This has caused outrage from thousands of woman who enter Miss England competition each year.

After the Miss England contest was being lashed on social media Carina admits to be a feminist and a strong believer of womanhood who are entitled to choose whatever they want to as their career choices.

In the beginning even her peers were not impressed with the decision to join pageants but decided to give a try irrespective of her medical background. “But I have got a choice,” she added.

Carina who was in the top 5 at the Miss World 2014 pageant says, no one can overpower you, and it is completely your will and your decision to be a beauty queen or a model.



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