Stratford model Terin Rothernel is representing Perth County at Miss World Canada


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By James Wells, The Beacon Herald

Thursday, July 20, 2017 12:46:48 EDT PM

Terin Rothernel, 22, has been representing her region in Ontario as Miss Perth County at the Miss World Canada 2017 pageant in Toronto this week. (Contributed photo)

No competition? No problem! When you’re Terin Rothernel, you don’t need to compete in a provincial qualifier to get to the national event.

Since Monday, Rothernel has been competing in Miss World Canada, an annual beauty pageant held in Toronto.

Having followed the progress, accomplishments and continuous development of Rothernel, Miss World Canada executive director Michelle Weswaldi personally reached out to the Stratford model, inviting her to take part in the pageant as Miss Perth County.

As Miss Perth County, Rothernel will be representing her region in the Canada wide competition.

“It was an honour to just to be messaged directly by the director because I was lucky enough where I was just given my title as Miss Perth County, based off of what I have done previously, whereas the other girls had to compete,” said Rothernel. “It makes me feel a little bad, but it also kind of makes me feel proud of myself ­– that I was eligible to be on something this level, based off of previous experience and accomplishments that weren’t necessarily attached to it.”

Rothernel first met Weswaldi when competing in the Top Model Search Canada (TMSC) competition in Toronto in 2016. Out of 123 models, Rothernel placed in the top 25 in Canada and got a nod as one of the top five for cover models.

At the end of the one-week competition, the female models were asked if they would be interested in entering Top Model of the World pageant.

Separate from TMSC, it would still have the same director, Weswaldi.

Rothernel thought “why not.” She had never been in a pageant before, so it was completely foreign to her, but she was keen on embracing new opportunities and experiences.

“So I took a shot at it, wore my old prom dress from a few years beforehand,” said Rothernel as she chuckled. “I did pretty good with that too. I think there was about 30 maybe 40 girls who were competing in that one.”

She ended up placing top 15 in Canada for that pageant.

“So pretty good for a first pageant I think,” she said.

Top Model of the World was only a daylong even so, even as a great experience, Rothernel never got the full weeklong pageant experience.

With Miss World Canada, as Rothernel put it, you live and breathe it for an entire week, preparing for it well in advance.

From when she first heard about the competition, Rothernel could already feel the connection she shared with Miss World Canada.

“I like the fact that they made it so, to compete, you had to do things like charity work, to actually have a purpose with doing it (the competition). It’s not just show up and have a pretty face and a ‘sauntery ‘walk. It’s you actually have to be wanting to make a difference in the world, and that really spoke to me.”

With modelling, it’s not always like that for Rothernel.

“You are strutting the catwalk and you’re making fierce poses in front of the camera, but it takes a lot before you have any kind of voice in the modeling world, to be able to make a notable difference,” she said. “Whereas a pageantry, that’s part of the whole gig from the get-go, is you’re making a difference the entire time. It’s required.”

So, having a little bit of competition added to something that could make a difference really adds another level of motivation.

“Like who can raise more money? It’s a really good motivator for it,” she said.

That motivation should serve her in good stead this week.

Through a series of tasks, presentations and rehearsals, Rothernel and her competitors – 55 other young women from across Canada – vie for one of three titles: Miss World Canada, Miss Supranational and Miss Intercontinental, all of which will represent their country and cause in three other preceding pageants.

The most important portion of Rothernel’s week so far was the presentation of her Beauty with a Cause speech on Habitat for Humanity, her cause of choice.

As part of the pageant, all contestants must choose a charitable organization and present a two-minute speech on its importance. Only three to five of the presentations are selected to present a longer presentation in front of the entire assembly.

To keep things interesting, contestants are told on the eve of each day what tasks are on the next day’s agenda.

After all, what’s a competition without a little suspense?

“There are different things that happen every day, whether it’s a little competition or rehearsals. They judge us like every moment of every day; there’s always someone watching us making sure,” said Rothernel. “There are even things like best first impression. We are judged on that ­– even on the speeches we gave (on Monday), we are judged on that.”

Whoever has the most points at the end of the competition wins, receiving one of three crowns during a ceremony slated for Saturday, July 22.

According to the Miss World Canada website, it’s the preliminary competition to Miss World, the oldest, largest and most prestigious pageant in the world.

Miss World garners representatives from 147 countries, attracting a viewership of more than two-billion people.

With the help of her sponsors at World Gym Stratford and Jacalyn Flood, an Arbonne International consultant, Rothernel has the chance to compete in something entirely new to her while showing her support for an amazing cause throughout the competition.

To follow Rothernel and her progress throughout the week, visit Miss World Canada’s website at, or follow their media updates on Facebook and Instagram.

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